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Foteviken 2007

Viking market in Foteviken, Sweden.

We spent there nice time, but the weather at the beginning of market was horrible - I mean really big storm. But it's also good to experience things like that, Greg says. Fortunately, the other days were better, we had even some sun. ;o) Foteviken it's for sure a place worth to visit.

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link to Foteviken web site:



Journey 2008

It was long journey (one month) full of experiences. We have visited some markets and museums in Sweden, Denmark and Poland. We've met many wonderful people and we've made new friendships. Also we have visited few very interesting museums.

A big "thank you"  to:

- Martin Wallgren for his help and advices during the whole trip in Sweden;

- Kirsten and Ville Vinje for accomodating us in Uppsala and for their great help in Swedish mueums;

- Mr. and Mrs. Wallgren for their hospitality.


Gene Fornby

It's situated in a lovely place in Sweden, near Örnsköldsvik. It is reconstructed farm from Vendel period. There is a great longhouse and some other reconstructed buildings like fantastic, huge smithy, loom workshop, buildings for animals etc. We spent there wonderful time with our friends. Martin, Nelle, Maria, Agne, Adrian and others (I can't write here names of all of you)- thank you for wonderful reception.

This was also the place where the experiment - raising a Norman helmet in one piece of steel in reconstructed smithies and using only traditional tools- has been started. Thanks, Guys, for this opportunity!

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Link to Gene Fornby:



Trelleborg, Denmark.

Very nice market, near Slagelse in Denmark. We've met there wonderful people and spent there great time. There are lots of battles during the market, so it's good event for fighters, but we wasn't bored at all thanks to great people we met there. We spent there much time with our German friends - Alex and Sascha - thanks Guys for your company - great, as always! :o)

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(it seems that web site of Trelleborg Battle has disappeared...)


Lejre, Denmark.

Forsogscenter in Lejre is an experimental center, created in 1964. It's a great place especially for children, but also for the whole family. It's a huge area with Stone Age village, Brozne Age workshop, Iron Age village and Viking marketplace and houses from the begging of 19th century. There are many animals and beautiful landscapes. It's a lovely place for having a relax in cameral place, leaving calmly and working like did people centuries ago. And it's really great place for children.

We've met there wonderful people, true Vikings who work there for many years. Sirid, Ulf, Rolf, Lea, Ove and others - thank you so much for so warm reception and for everything - you know the best what we mean. ;o)

There are many workshops there, too. A very fine smithy, as well. This was the second place where experiment of raising a Norman helmet had place. 

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Link to Lejre Experimental Center:



Ribe, Denmark.

We were visiting Ribe only for few hours, but we enjoyed it very much. Thanks to Alex and Sascha we had very funny time, there (you will see at the photos).

Ribe it's a great place if you want to leave in a Viking village and try some crafts. There are many interesting things to do. They also have a market with very good reputation. But there is life all the time for few months in season.

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Link to Lejre Center



Wolin Festival, Poland.

It was our first time in Wolin. It was nice to meet old  and new friends. But, unfortunately, there were some things we didn't like - too many tourists (they could do everything and could stay at the camp till very late hours in the night) and too many television crews...

Wolin festival is famous for it's battles.

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Link to Wolin Festival



Hope you enjoyed it.

Regards, Gracjana.




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