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July 2008 - raising a Norman type helmet using only traditional tools.

The experiment took place in reconstructed smithies in Gene Fornby (Sweden) and in Lejre (Denmark).

Gene Fornby - the smithy stands on terrain of reconstructed farm from Vendel period.  It's reconstructed workshop from Vendel period. It is very big building, as original smithy had four work places! However, there is one hearth reconstructed with one big manual bellow. There are many some historical tools like anvils, hammers etc - everything that a smith needs. However I preferred to work with my own tools (based on tools from Viking period). The smithy is big and has only one little hole in the roof, so it's really dark there with bad weather and after 5-6 p.m.

Material : sheeth of mild steel 2 mm, charcoal.

Tools: hammers, anvils, pliers and other tools showed at this photo - link.

Helper: Michał Wiśniewski (pseudo - Bragi).

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The Lejre's smithy is a workshop from Viking period (first half of Xth cent.). It's smaller than Gene's smithy, but it is open building, so there is lots of light there. The second difference is there are two small bellows, working alternately, instead of one and big like in Gene Fornby, so the work on bellows is different in those two smithies. There is also one hearth, but anvils for two smiths. There also tools, anvils etc, but they also have replica of Mastermyr chest with replicas of all tools from it. But I also preferred to work with my own tools. I had three helpers, changing from time to time : Ulf, Rolf and little Joachim (Bjarke). ;o)

I was continuing raising process I have started in Gene.

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Other photos from our trip in July 2008 are here : click



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