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At the moment I don't sell pressbleches, crests or any other parts of Vendel period helmets. Maybe one day I will decide to sell them separately, but not now. Hope you understand that.


Here is some information about how my helmets and armour are produced.



Every helmet is hand-forged by me.

 Most often I use a hot-forging technique in a charcoal fire, but sometimes (very rarely), when a customer is on a budget and needs a lower cost price, then I use cold forging (for example for 4-panels helmets).

However, I really prefer hot-forging and raising in one piece of steel, so I always propose this my customers.

For helmets - I use medium carbon steel or sometimes spring steel.

Normally I use 2mm or 1,5mm steel thickness - it depends on the customer's preference, the purpose of the helmet and type of steel.

The type and thickness of the steel can be of course be discussed and fitted to the customer's requirements and needs.

Every helmet is made according to customer's measurements.

Every helmet has chin strap, but if you want some kind of lining you should to mention this case in your order.


How are my Vendel period helmets made?

The bowl is always hand forged, most often using a hot forging technique in a charcoal fire.

I have made another progress in making replicas of Vendel period helmets. I am not using any electrical welding while making them, anymore. The bowls are now riveted of several pieces and soldered.

Decoration of Vendel/Valsgärde helmets:

* Most often I use both brass and silver , but gold or other historical materials are also available.

* Parts like crests and eye-brows are casted.

* Models for casted parts, as well as for press-blech matrices are made by me.

* Ornaments on press-blech plates are reconstructed very precisely, with every little detail.

* Because most of my commissioned helmets are used in the fighting arena, I make most of the crests from castings - this way they are more durable. But I can also make the crests like they were made in the original helmets - of thin bronze plate.


Plate Armour.

Every armour part is hand-forged by me.

Normally I use a hot forging technique using a charcoal fire heat source, but sometimes, when a customer wants a lower price, I use "mixed-techniques" - both hot and cold forging.

I never use any electric welding in the construction of my armour.

I use historical accurate buckles.

 I work with many kinds of steel: mild steel, medium carbon steel or spring steel. In special cases I can even work with stainless steel.

I use different steel thicknesses, dependant on the type of armour, steel type, requirements of my customers etc. Usually it is 1mm and 1,5mm.

Every armour part is made according to customer's measurements.

Customer service:

As my waiting list is 1,5 years long now, there may be a potential 3 month delay from a given completion date.

It is my wife Gracjana, who answers every email. She is also my manager and helps me a lot with creating this site.


Soon we are going to add some more information.




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