"Norman" type helmet raised in one piece of steel!

Raised in charcoal fire!

I started to forge with 3mm medium carbon steel.

Ready helmet has about 2,5mm at the top of the helmet and about 1,5 till 2mm at the edge in different points.

 Thickness of nasal - about 2mm. This is helmet raised in one piece of steel, so no welding is inside the bowl.

However, the nasal has been welded to the bowl. This was meant to be another, very decorated helmet, without nasal. But I didn't manage to finish it before our trip to Sweden and Denmark, so I decided to weld the nasal to the dome and make of it a simple "Norman" helmet. 

It's is really, really durable.

Here are photos of ready product and some photos taken during work.

The photos are clickable!